Well it's about time...

Well it seems we'd forgotten about this section of the website so finally we have another update for you and hopefully we can make this a regular thing. We've had a few difficult months with illness, personal problems and Chrissy Poo needing surgery on his left arm so we've not really had anything to say. Good news is the times are changing, we will hopefully be back in the studio within the next few months to record our new single "Safe Place" which will be followed up with a swanky new HD video which will be shot by the brilliant HD Drone Media Services Ltd using Drone technology for an all encumbering sensory experience helping to portray the feeling and meaning behind the song.

We will also be announcing some new gig dates soon which we will hopefully see you at and you never know some live footage of these shows may even make it into the video. So make sure you grab your Mr Happy Chainsaw merch from www.mrhappychainstore.com to ensure you look your best.

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