An Update from MHC HQ

So first off, let me apologise for not updating this blog since we were in the studio back in October. Since then a lot has happened in the world of Mr Happy Chainsaw and we will definitely try and keep you updated going forward. Shortly after finishing our initial takes for 'It’s Not My Ball' in October we parted ways with our drummer Jason which left us in a sticky situation in regards to carrying out the gigs we had booked and with releasing the EP.

Luckily we found a new drummer relatively quickly and Matt came on board which allowed us to complete our booked gigs for November and December (with the exception of one) and after hearing how much better the songs sounded with Matt behind the skins we decided to re record the drum tracks on the CD.

So at the beginning of January we hit the studios to re track the drums, the songs took on a whole new life and we 100% made the right decision in doing so. The end of January saw us play Chinnery’s in Southend for the first time and we received a great reaction from the crowd and gained several new fans and met some great bands in the process. The stand out of was a great Essex based Ska Punk band called the Uppercuts, with whom we are planning some more shows for the summer. You should definitely check them out on Facebook (

So January came and went and after building the promo up for new single 'Standing There', we parted ways with another drummer when Matt decided to leave the band in early February.

We didn’t let this deter us though, our quest for a new drummer began and the promotion for 'Standing There' increased. A lyric video was created for us by Sam Morgan ( for Standing There, the artwork for single and for the EP has been finished and we have been gaining plenty of radio play for 'Standing There' on local, national and internet radio. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked as exciting things are a happening and we can’t wait to bring you on the journey. While you wait for this, why not check out our new Lyric video for 'Standing There'

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